Fine Dining and Spirits in Nikko

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Fine Dining and Spirits in Nikko

During your visit to Nikko there will be time and space to refresh your senses and to experience unique marvelous dining and spirits. Nikko is famous for two particular dishes, “yuba” and “soba”. Yuba is the fine layer of tofu that is dried and re-hydrated, and then combined with many different foods such as noodles and fruits. Soba, or buckwheat noodles, are often found in Nikko and handmade. With its own dipping sauce, there is a wide range of flavor to engage your palate.

For enthusiasts of local spirits, Nikko has highly sought-after sake due to its access to pristine natural water, as well its deep multi-generational traditions and practices that result in perfection in your cup. Wonderfully pair-able with yuba, local wagyu beef, and local tamarizuki pickles, Nikko sake is a delight to your dining experience.

Location – Unique Historical Venue

During your visit to the British Embassy Villa Memorial Park, we will have an opportunity to enjoy a lovely musical performance and social gathering. Taking in the beautiful Nikko sunset view on Lake Chuzenji  we will enjoy a marvelous cocktail party in the very same location where Earnest Satow, an intrepid diplomat and interpreter did much to further relations between Britain and Japan during the Tokugawa Shogunate. We are truly standing in the shadow of history, while at the same time appreciating the very fruit of those efforts to bridge harmony, cooperation, and peace between cultures. It truly is a moment to celebrate.

Use of the British Embassy villa for parties like this is possible by special reservation and is not always readily available to the general public.

Cocktail Party

・About 30 finger food items
・Roast beef
・Live kitchen and sushi bar
・About 8 kinds of desserts
・Various kinds of alcoholic beverages which mainly local sake, at the bar counter
・Table decorations

Hors d’oeuvre
Cold Hors d’oeuvre ~Verrine~
Regional organic carrot mousse
Nikko Yuba blanc manger with spotted shrimp
Foie gras crème brûlée coffee flavor
Kanaya caviar with oeuf brûlée

Cold Hors d’oeuvre ~Amuse & Pinchos~
Tochigi Yume Pork pâté de campagne and pickles
Sautéed Nikko rainbow trout – Kanaya sushi style
Grilled lobster and scallop with cocktail sauce
Miyazaki mango and terrine or foie gras with Sauternes jelly

Cold Soup
Potage of corn and consommé jelly – Paris soir

Hot Hors d’oeuvre
Nikko rainbow trout – fish and chips with tartar sauce
Sautéed Premium Yashio trout with Nikko Sansho flavor
Sea bream, white shrimp, hamaguri clam bouillabaisse style soup

Nikko Himitsu Pork meat pie
Nasu brand chicken, fried in brochette style
Tochigi Kirifuri Kogen beef spareribs with steamed vegetables

Main dish
Roasted Tochigi Wagyu Takumi 
Yorkshire pudding with gravy sauce and wasabi

Soba with seasoning
Variety of Chikashi zushi

Sushi bar

Macha flavor soft mochi, sweet rice dumpling with red bean paste
Kanaya pudding (three kinds)

petit gateau
Soufflé cheesecake
Gateau Opera aux framboise

Cherry jubilée with Kanaya ice cream
Assorted seasonal fruits

Dessert Café ou Thé
Coffee or Tea
Petit fours

※The menu above is an example and is subject to change depending on the price and season.

Meticulously crafted delectable dishes representing the very best of Japanese cuisine using local ingredients fresh and at the zenith of perfection. These dishes are prepared at a “live kitchen” to delight and engage with guests. Chef and staff from the Nikko Kanaya Hotel are masterful in the execution of this inspired menu.

Musical Performance

Our musical entertainment will be provided by Mr. Hajime Mizoguchi, who is a cellist, composer, and music producer. Born and raised in Tokyo he has long been steeped in musical traditions that transcend genre, and developing skills to bring synergies and musical influences across musical styles.

Mizoguchi-san has been an active composer and performer and producer in many television programs and his skills and talents are well known throughout Japan. In addition to his musical abilities, Mizoguchi-san also produces extremely high-resolution music utilizing the very best in techniques for capturing audio. He is a well-cited authority in the field of recording technology and considered an invaluable resource in this profession. During our time at the British Embassy Villa Memorial Park all our senses are engaged. From the sights of the gorgeous sunset on Lake Chuzenji, to delicately prepared gourmet flavors in texture and taste, to magnificent musical performance, to the emotional realization that where we meet is a point in history from the times of Earnest Satow bridging the culture of Tokugawa to the West.

It is an incredible time to be in Nikko.
Such experiences are exclusive to the Nikko Shogun Story and its participants.