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An Exquisite Journey

【Day Trip】My Shogun Story

【 Overnight 】Deluxe My Shogun Story


Come with us to Asakusa Station in the heart of downtown Tokyo. Purchase your ticket for the SPACIA X, a custom-made train designed with luxury and Japanese tradition in mind. A very new type of locomotive, sporting hexagonal windows as reference to traditional arts and crafts – specifically the “Kanuma Kumiko” pattern, as found in the elegant reconstruction of Toshogu Shrine, a kind of latticework and bamboo weaving used on ornate doors and screens.

The SPACIA X glides down the tracks in sleek white. This shade of white is the “gofun” pigment that is the same as made from crushed clamshells and used on Nikko Toshogu. Every detail of this marvelous train has a connection to the journey ahead, and our slipping back in time together.

This limited express train is created with the latest motors and equipment that reduces greenhouse gas by 40%, compared to other models and is full of modern amenities to complement its traditional stylings. Entering the vessel we find a wide range of seating options. One of which is the “Cockpit Suite” that has a private seating room for a maximum of seven passengers.

Take some time to head up to the cafe counter in the first car that serves craft beer, coffee, and other drinks. Linking Tokyo to Nikko is what the SPACIA X is all about, and its attention to precision and detail is remarkable. Beverages, snacks, and even the wrappings of everything take the spirit of Nikko to heart.

Explore the Edo Period: Interactive Cultural Park

Slip back into the golden era of the Tokugawa shogunate and explore the Edo period dreamscape of Edo Wonderland. Wander through the picturesque village setting in your choice of kimono, become a lord, princess, or samurai amongst others. Interact with interesting Edo towns people, and enjoy cultural theatre’s, interactive workshops, and informative exhibits on unique aspects of the fascinating Edo period. Good wholesome fun for all!

Website: Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura