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Kegon Falls: Natural Majestic Symphony in Nikko

Amid the lush forests and pristine lakes, a magnificent spectacle of nature awaits:
Kegon Falls. With water tumbling dramatically from a height of 97 meters, Kegon
Falls is one of Japan’s most breathtaking waterfalls. Its towering presence, crystal-
clear waters, and natural beauty make it an iconic destination that draws visitors
from around the world.

A Geological Marvel
Kegon Falls owes its origin to the volcanic activity that shaped the surrounding
landscapes. It is situated near Lake Chuzenji, formed by a volcanic eruption over
20,000 years ago. The Daiya River, fed by the lake’s waters, rushes dramatically
over the rocky cliffs, creating Kegon Falls—a striking testament to the power of

Kegon Falls is an awe-inspiring spectacle due to its height, which stands at an
impressive 97 meters (318 feet). To enhance the experience, an observation
platform allows visitors to get up close to the falls, feeling the cool mist on their
faces and witnessing the majestic cascade from below. This proximity allows for an
intimate connection with the natural world.

Seasonal Beauty
One of the captivating aspects of Kegon Falls is how its appearance changes with
the seasons. In spring, cherry blossoms bloom around the falls, adding a touch of
pink to the lush green surroundings. In autumn, the foliage transforms into a vibrant
tapestry of reds, yellows, and oranges, creating a stunning backdrop for the falls.
Each season brings its unique charm to Kegon Falls, making it a year-round

A Symbol of Japanese Beauty
Kegon Falls is symbol of Japanese beauty and spirituality. Its pristine waters and
serene surroundings are reminiscent of the tranquility often associated with
Japanese gardens and landscapes. The falls’ proximity to Nikko’s historic temples
and shrines adds to its cultural significance.

Access and Visitor Experience
Reaching Kegon Falls is relatively easy, with various transportation options
available from Nikko city. A bus ride takes visitors to the Chuzenji Onsen area, from
where they can access the falls by foot or take an elevator to the observation deck.
The experience of standing before the falls, feeling the cool mist, and listening to
the thunderous roar is a memory that lingers long after the visit.

Preservation and Conservation

Efforts have been made to preserve the natural beauty of Kegon Falls and its
surroundings. The ecosystem in the area is carefully managed to ensure the
protection of native plant and animal species, making it an excellent example of
sustainable tourism.

Kegon Falls is a symphony of nature’s grandeur and a symbol of Japan’s natural
and cultural beauty. If you are an avid nature enthusiast, or a photographer seeking
the perfect shot, or simply a traveler in search of awe-inspiring moments, Kegon
Falls invites you to experience the profound beauty and serenity that only nature
can provide.

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